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Time to step it up with a massive marketing campaign starting with a Full Page Color Ad in this weeks Best of LA, LA Weekly!

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Pictures from Sunday Sept 21st Odd Market

Pictures from this past Sunday’s Odd Market

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Crown Bloom Co

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Good Mexican Girl

Bellaluz Designz

Ranes Closet

Robots by Matt Q Spangler

Kahoy Kollection

California Limited Apparel

Kelley Hart Creations

Jennifer Klein Jewelry

Against the Grain Woods

Enlightened Goddess

DINO Apparel


Angry Blossom Clothing

No & Yo

Stones Glass Bones

Miguel Torres Designs

Luke Hobbs Design

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Gindos Spice of Life

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Los Angeles is getting a whole new shopping experience with the launch of L.A. Event Co.’s Odd Market at Casa Vertigo on Sunday.

Unlike a swap meet or flea market, the weekly Odd Market in Los Angeles will offer unique handmade fashion and jewelry items, artwork, craft pieces, music and gourmet food trucks in a historic setting — the old home of the Odd Fellows Temple.

Built in 1923, the 86,000-square-foot space boasts three floors and a large parking lot. It has been a popular spot for movie production and can be seen in films such as “Million Dollar Baby,” “Dodgeball” and “Saw II.” In 2010, the Vertigo Group purchased the building and, after some renovation and restoration, reopened it for public use as Casa Vertigo. Members of the company approached L.A. Event Co. owner Phillip Dane to use their structure as a marketplace after attending his Sportsmen’s Lodge Night Market in Studio City.

“I went down there and fell in love with the space. It’s an absolutely beautiful, epic location,” Dane said of Casa Vertigo.

An event organizer since 1991, Dane has a large database of vendors, which enables him to match them and their products with the best market.

“I’m looking for unique, interesting and sometimes out-there — after all, it’s called the Odd Market, so I’m looking for what would be different,” Dane said.

The Odd Market at Casa Vertigo will have a range of designers, crafters and artists, from local and emerging to couture and well-known. Some of the vendors include clothing companies No&Yo andPovertees, card and furniture makers Two Hermanas, gourmet goody creators Velvet Rope Bake Shopand jewelry designers Detroit Trash.

“Phillip’s markets are always fun. Sometimes these markets are very stressful and it’s not supposed to be like that,” said Tiffany Allison, owner of Detroit Trash, an L.A.-based company. “You should love what you do and he does a really good job.”

As a teen, Allison sold jewelry in the back of her father’s punk-rock bar in Detroit and assisted her antique dealer grandfather with his work. She used that experience to form her company, which incorporates small items from Detroit’s past into wearable art. Allison turns finds like high school locker tags, skeleton keys, typewriter keys, watches, 1930s-1950s carnival prizes like lighters and pocket lights, and cap guns from the 1970s into jewelry.

“We take anything old with a function and try to remake it to where you can wear it on a necklace,” Allison said. “And anything you see that has a function works. That’s the fun part.”

Customers can also mix and match the items any way they wish to create a personal piece. And since Allison buys her finds in bulk, the collection begins at $20.

In addition to vendors, the Odd Market at Casa Vertigo will also feature a DJ and gourmet food trucks on site. Dane has plans to later devote the venue’s second floor to fashion and include catwalk shows throughout the day. The third floor may become an urban street-themed spot with a half-pipe for skateboarders. Dane also wants to create a baby-sitting area with activities to keep kids busy while their parents shop.

Acoustic Lounge at Odd Market Sept 21st

We are proud to announce the Acoustic Lounge at Odd Market produced by PoetRoniGirl featuring performances by

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Kevin Rogers

Clare Means

Joel Jorgensen

Come join these great performers on stage in the Acoustic Lounge. Don’t be shy.

Weekly Indie Bazaar Odd Market Debuts Near DTLA This Sun

Odd Market, LA’s newest weekly indie bazaar that’s decidedly more shade-friendly than its much-missed outdoor predecessor, is finally making its debut this weekend. Located just outside of Downtown at the historic Odd Fellow Temple building now known as Casa Vertigo, the inaugural marketplace will open its doors this Sunday, September 21.

Taking place from 12pm to 7pm, the “Unique LA-meets-Old Hollywood” show features over 80 local vendors peddling handmade clothing, accessories, jewelry, home decor, artisanal foods and more. Expect to find basics from do-gooder brand Povertees, clothing from designer Miguel Torres, upcycled furniture from Against the Grain Wood, edgy jewelry by Detroit Trash, global accoutrements from stones, glass + bones, stationery from Two Hermanas and many other LA-based creators. To keep shoppers fueled, food trucks like the Grilled Cheese Truck, Currywurst, Roadhouse Rotisserie and others will also be serving up mid-spree grub, while local music makers will provide live entertainment all day.

Into it? General admission is $5 Includes Free Parking, get them here.
· Odd Market [Official Site]
· Shop Local Talent at New Indie Bazaar Odd Market Next Month [Racked]

BellaLuzdesignz is about mixed media with a story-YOURSTORY!

We create and design art that is wearable and decorative as well as functional. This next piece is a perfect example, its our line of Key Box that can store your household or automobile keys and can be hung on the wall or free standing. But take a closer look… there’s a tea party in play and the front of the box is a chalkboard to capture special notes to remember.

LA Weekly: Odd Market at Casa Vertigo

Meet the Bunny

Welcome Nesquik to the Odd Market Sponsor Family. Grab a sample, meet the Bunny, play some games and grab some swag. They will be appearing at the Odd Market grand opening on Sept 21st as well as Sept 28 and October 5th. They will also be at the Sportsmen’s Lodge Night Market on Thursday October 2nd.

Bunny Holding Glass-0